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Vivobarefoot Men’s Drake Casual Shoe Review

Here’s a great casual shoe from the Vivobarefoot who has by far led the shoe industry in terms of creating shoes that our feet should be in. Vivobarefoot  shoes are zero drop (no change in height between the rearfoot and forefoot) combined with a wide forefoot and flexible sole.  They hav pretty much every category of shoe covered from running to dress and casual. I wear their Lisbon dress shoes with my suits and dress clothes.   

The Drake is a trendy looking casual shoe that’s great for the fall and I think is right in line with what is being worn this season.  Looks great with jeans or khakis. 


More importantly than the look, they’re a wonderful minimalist shoe with a zero drop sole which is soft and flexible. 

They have a  wide and forgiving toebox with tons of space if you have any deformities such as a bunion or hammer toes. The suede material is also really soft and not irritating. 

The insoles are removable and there is a fabric stitched insole that allows for the “true” minimalist to function with less between their foot and the ground.


The laces are a tubular nylon like lace with high quality construction.


The sole is clearly very flexible and passes the role up test.  Soft but seems to be durable.


Overall this is a cool trendy shoe which fits the fashion for this fall.  I’ve been enjoying the shoe so far. It’s definitely a flat minimalist shoe so if you’ve ditched the rigid men’s casual shoes with an elevated heel, these will certainly fit your needs. The issue I’ve had with other minimalist type casual shoes is they tend this look like “bowling shoes” and don’t not fit in with the current fashion tends.   Vivobarefoot shoes do. I’d recommend them. 

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