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Vivobarefoot Ra Leather Shoe Review: A minimalist dress shoe.

Shoe Name: Vivobarefoot

Model: Ra Leather Style code: 300013-01

Weight: My men’s size 9.0 weighed in at 7.0 oz.

Price: $130.00

Drop: 0mm with a 3mm sole (all Vivobarefoot shoes offer a zero drop platform)


Forefoot: These shoes definitely have a nice wide toebox that can accommodate a wide forefoot as a well as a bunion deformity. They are made of leather which is soft and flexible so it should conform to any bunion deformities one may have. For a dress shoe this is definitely way ahead of rest of the industry in providing room for digital deformities. If one had a severe deformity you still may find more room in a breathable nylon upper, but you will compromise style which is one purpose of his shoe.

Cushion: There is not much cushion to this shoe aside from the shoe liner and the 3mm rubber sole. But, it’s not really needed. Remember this is a dress shoe that is designed for the foot to function in a natural manner the way it was intended to. There is no “stylish” heel that will compromise the way you are walking (increased stride length) and lead to a plantar fasciitis. It is a nice soft flexible feel in my opinion. One downside with a stack height of 3mm and no heel is your pants may drag on the ground. I suggest if you’re rearranging your shoe wardrobe to more minimalist type shoes, you will need to make some adjustments to your pants!


Flexibility: Passes Dr. Nick’s roll up test.

Overall:. I really like this shoe for dress and casual purposes. It has the look of a dress shoe minus the raised heel and stiffness. The choice in the leather and the rubber sole to build this shoe was superb. At a price of $130.00 it is just a bit high, but you have to remember this is a specialized flat shoe with a design not seen from many manufacturers. I have seen higher priced shoes that are not as well constructed as these so you are getting what you pay for with this Vivobarefoot Ra leather shoe. Enjoy!!


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