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Watch runners try to keep up with Ryan Hall on a treadmill at New York City Marathon.

Olympic marathoner Ryan Hall had to pull out of the New York Marathon due to an injury, but decided to show up and have some fun with ASICS. They brought in a treadmill and set it to Hall’s pace and have challenged runners to see how long they can go at his pace. The treadmill, which includes a safety harness, is set at 12.6 MPH, or 4:46 per mile, the average pace Hall ran at the 2011 Boston Marathon. His finishing time of 2:04:58 that year is the fastest marathon by an American runner.

About 500 people have taken the challenge so far, including members of the New York Fire Department (pictured) and local meteorologist Amy Freeze, whose attempt was watched by Hall.

The men’s record at present is 8:06, held by Christopher S., and the women’s leader is Ryisha B., who managed stay upright for 2:31.

See the video below!!