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Why Running Is The Best Way To Lose Weight

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Many people would give different answers if they were asked what way would be the best for weight loss. According to Oregon-based fitness coach Ben Cohn, the best form of exercise to lose weight will always depend on the goals of the individual and the level he/she has attained concerning fitness. However running is one of the ways which has become popular and is used by many to control their weight. There are many advantages of weight loss as outlined below:

Cardiovascular activity

Running is considered a cardiovascular excercise and can be compared with other exercises such as cycling and swimming. It means that your heart is pushed up with time and it is not like the building of muscles by having a resistance form of training. When compared with works out that are resistance, cardiovascular workouts are more effective regarding fat burning. According to the report by HealthStatus.com running moderately for an hour will burn calories twice in comparison with lifting weight vigorously. Therefore, running is more efficient than most of the resistance workouts.

Burning Of Calories

The burning of calories is the primary requirement for weight loss. For example, a person weighing 150 pounds running moderately for an hour can be able to burn about 684 calories. Also, if such a person is cycling at the same pace will be able to burn 550 calories while when skiing the person would burn 774 calories. Therefore, running is among the best ways to burn calories.


The author of “You: The Owner’s Manual,’ Dr. Mehmet Oz and Michale Roizen says that long distance running can have lasting effects to your knees and hips. Since the motions are repeated, they can cause wear and tear on the joints hence age prematurely. Many will always wonder, what is the best method to lose weight. However, the authors say that it is not a big issue to casual runners, but it is a problem that athletes and marathoners can experience. However, running exercise is essential for weight loss.


There is need when running to be careful on the road. Runners must be aware of vehicles driven on the road so that they can ensure that they are safe. A good way to run would be to choose roads that are used by marathoners. If you establish a road that is not busy, ensure that you have the right attire and you will be ready to run. Afterward, you will start seeing the effects of running after doing it severally.


If you chose running as the exercise to help you lose weight, it is important to ensure that you know how long you can continue running before you can be exhausted. It will help you know when you can take a rest and breathe so as to regain your body energy. Seniors can benefit from running exercise so as to remain active and interactive. Most of the senior citizens are engaging in running and jogging activities because they have realized it is a healthy way of staying active.

Running is a way of life that has become popular among many people. If you want to lose weight, it is the best exercise to lose weight. It will always remain a moderate exercise that can be done without much stress.

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