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Will the iWatch have a little “Steve” in it?

Although this has nothing to do with running I would like to share some of my thoughts on this subject as we grow closer to the upcoming announcement from Apple. After all, this is a blog and I can pretty much discuss whatever I want! If you choose to read it, you will. And if not, you won’t. This was Steve Job’s philosophy with the products they created at Apple. If you like it, you’ll buy it. If not, you won’t. He goes on to explain after this statement that’s how the consumer market works. It’s completely driven by the consumer and that’s why Jobs loved creating consumer products and not working with the Fortune 500 companies. They have CEOs and upper individuals making the decisions for the rest of the company which sometimes turn out to be the wrong decisions. However, when you let more people get hands on experience and choose, the best product wins. “It all just works itself out”, explains Jobs in a 2011 interview with Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal.

So what will the iWatch be like? And it’s it really being announced tuesday? If history repeats than I’m sure it will be as the banner on the website reads “….to follow every moment”.
Apple usually hints at something in the invitation leading up to the announcement. Will this watch be designed how Steve would have wanted it? Job’s always said, “if it’s not going to do something better, then it has no reason for being”. This means the iWatch will have to exist in an ecosystem of products where it will either accomplish something the current products are not doing, or simply do it better– something that Jobs was very good at doing. After all, he never really invented the smart phone. He just made it better and the rest of the smart phone makers followed what he did. The iWatch will also have to do what the other smart watches aren’t doing. It’s definitely going to need a long battery life. The Samsung watch currently gets about two days worth of life. It’s going to have to beat this. If not, the Apple brand is doomed. Aside from the battery life, what will it need to copy or improve on that the other watches haven’t? My guess is nothing. Steve had a way of introducing something to us that made us realize it will make our lives better. Many thought it was just his way of presenting it to us, which actually was amazing in itself, but he truly did make things better for our world. Sometimes we didn’t even realize it. I remember holding the iPhone for the first time and looking at my wife saying, “everyone is going to need one of these at some point. It may not be made by Apple, but this device is going to become a necessity in our world.” That was pretty clear. This watch is going to have to make us say, “wow, that would allow me to…..”- you fill in the blank? Why? Because we probably don’t even know what a watch of Apple’s standards will allow us to do. If it’s going to have any “Steve” in it, it will have been created in manner that will open new industries and subcategories of technology that will only exist with this device. In other words they will be dependent upon each other. Consider that a phone morphed into a device that connected with the rest of the world’s information highway known as the internet and has now become the number one device used to search for information. What will this watch lead us into? It won’t be the watch. It will be the unknown of which it is associated with.

In the words of Steve Jobs, “if it has any reason for being, then it’s going to have to be better at…….”. Did I mention they’re announcing a new iPhone Tuesday as well?

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