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Adidas Adipure Gazelle Shoe Review

Shoe Name: Adidas adipure Gazelle Shoes

Model: Adipure Gazelle 2.0

Weight: 6.3 oz

Price: $100.00

Drop: 7mm

Website: http://www.adidas.com/us/product/mens-running-adipure-gazelle-20-shoes/AU341?cid=Q21487&cm_sp=mobile-_-mobile_footer-_-view_full_site&full_site=yes

Forefoot: The forefoot has a soft upper that is extremely stretchy and gives the toes a ton of breathing room and ability to splay. Wide toe box.

Cushion: There is a 7mm drop in this shoe which is combined with just enough cushion to make it a comfy ride for long distance. You can still feel the ground but rocks cause no issues.

Flexibility: Super flexible and can be rolled up. No midfoot support that would compromise motion.

Overall: This shoe has turned into a favorite of mine. I received it about 8 months ago and wore it a few times and it now has become a shoe I keep going back to. It has been perfect for me to run fast in as well as to run long distance in. I used this shoe for a half marathon 3 weeks ago which was a race that came 1 week after a full marathon I had ran in another pair of shoes. The shoes I chose for the full marathon had too much cushion which caused more muscle recruitment to stabilize my foot and ankle. The result was a strain of an arch muscle known as the abductor hallucis muscle. I decided to run the half marathon in the Adipures because I wanted less “movement ” that I felt I was getting from shoes with more cushion. I had been used to less of a shoe as I had been training for the past 3 years in minimalist shoes. The adipures still have some cushion, a 4mm drop to help in the latter miles, and are light weight with a wide toe box. For some reason I had’t gravitated 100% toward this shoe over the past year yet I would always put it on when I felt I needed a shoe other then my FiveFingers that had a bit more cushion. I can’t really find a negative thing to say about this shoe.

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