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    Food for thought on friday: Some running shoes from the 1970s.

Food for thought on friday: Some running shoes from the 1970s.

Running shoes of Ron Hill who won the Boston Marathon in 1970. Note that these shoes are more minimal than most minimal shoes of today. Also note the wear pattern on the shoes indicating a forefoot strike pattern. Hill won the 74th Boston Marathon in 1970 with a course record 2:10:30. He also won gold medals for the marathon at the European Championships in 1969 and the Commonwealth Games in 1970.  Looks like the shoes […]

The React Sidekick: Wearable Security Device

The React Sidekick: Wearable Security Device





Hi Kickstarter! We are excited to be here with our first project. If you’ve ever worried about your safety or the safety of a loved one you are going to be excited about the React Sidekick, a low energy Bluetooth device that pairs with our free app putting security within reach when it counts. Please help us bring the React Sidekick into production as we begin our journey to […]

Focusing on Pace

Here’s a great article on pacing that was featured in September’s Runner’s World.  I am going to feature articles and info from the most recent Runner’s World and Running Times as they are released.   It would be great to see more comments and questions in regards to these articles and I will try to dispel some myths that are published in regards to injuries and shoes.  Please keep the comments coming!!!! -Dr. Nick
Be […]

Newbies: How to Run Nonstop for 30 Minutes

As posted on Runner’s World.

If you’re already running, here’s how to eliminate walk breaks.
If you’ve been exercising regularly and following a walk/run program for at least six weeks, you’re ready to run nonstop for 30 minutes—without walk breaks. What does “exercising regularly” mean? That’s some combination of running and walking for at least 150 minutes per week (roughly 30 minutes, five days per week). During those workouts you should have been running for […]

What is the Average Shoe Size for Women?

Here is a look at the average shoe size of women and how it has changed over time, for example, did you know that the average shoe size for women in the 1950s was U.K. size 3.5, today it’s a size 6? Furthermore, here’s a comparison of celebrity shoe sizes – the big and the small – and some insight on the future of shoe sizes – could “toe lipo” become a common […]

Injured and need to run long? Here are some tips.

How to Build Endurance For Long Runs While in Rehab
as posted on Runner’s World
Combo Endurance Workouts
Run the distance you can complete safely and without pain (ie. 10 miles), and then cycle or elliptical for the time it would take you to run the planned miles on your schedule. For instance, if you are supposed to run 14 miles and you run at a 10-minute pace, you’d run 10 miles, then ride, elliptical, or aqua jog […]

The purpose of our toes?

Our toes traditionally get ignored until they become injured. I mentioned this before and discussed it in more detail in my book. It was brought up yesterday by a colleague so I figured I would post my thoughts.

To begin with, it is simple physics. The wider the base of something, the more stable it is. When we use our toes, they extend and splay making the foot wider in the forefoot. […]

Workouts while you are at work.

Here are some great workouts you can do at work to get you going instead of that afternoon coffee.  Never an excuse to not have time!    

How Many Miles a Week Should I Run?

As posted on Runner’s World.
By Ed Eyestone

I once asked a colleague who has coached many runners to collegiate and Olympic glory what he considered the proper mileage totals to succeed in distances from the 5K to the marathon. “That’s easy,” he said. “You want to run as few miles as you can and still win.”

Runners too often get caught in the mileage trap, thinking more is better. The truth is, more mileage is […]

Stepping Up The Pace: 19 Ways To Shave Down Your Race Time

Stepping Up The Pace
No matter the distance—5K, 10K, half-marathon, or a full 26.2 miles—whittling down your time and getting faster is often a runner’s goal. Shaving minutes or even seconds off a race time may feel close to impossible. However, there are science-backed methods (combined with a little hard work and determination) to morph into a speedier version of yourself. From strength training and focusing on the core to recovery techniques and catching enough […]