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42K Marathon: Things to Consider if You Are Running One

Either if you ran long distances, like a 42k marathon, or simply you are a fan to run up to 10k, surely you will be interested in the following paragraphs. Here we talk a bit about how to train, how to run and how to avoid some setbacks while doing what we like most, running a marathon.

We all know that for many people it is very difficult to create a habit and much more if it implies abnormal physical wear and tears for our day-to-day. Many of us do it out of necessity, to fix or improve certain aspects of our lives. Many times, we never get it, leaving aside the actions or activities that can transform us for the better. Alternatively, for worse in some cases. However, let’s put this last concept aside and focus on what it costs us to achieve while following a passion.

All of us who run, whatever the reason that leads us to do so, at some point we enter into the dichotomy of how much we can run. Whether it is right or wrong to demand one way or another. If we can finish a race, if we are prepared, if we train that hard like the racehorses we all see,with a lot of emotion as they move side by side to cross the finish line, then we are on the run!

Runnersthat overcome this type of trauma or behavior know that, not only they are on another level but also, once they have crossed a barrier, they can continue to do so with the ones that come. Before training for a marathon, it is very important to be clear about what we want to achieve and mainly to have the desire, the impetus and the decision to undertake a new challenge with ourselves. 

A few months ago, West Michigan University conducted an experiment with runners that showed that just by running at a certain speed for 30 minutes, drastically improves the “cortical flicker frequency” threshold. This means that the ability to process information more efficiently is increased.

On the other hand, in another study conducted to ultra-marathoners, showed that the gray matter of the runners was reduced by about 6% volume. As a reference, this process in an older person is 0.2% each year. At the same time, the runners recovered the percentage lost during the following months. It is demonstrated that if we do not run in extreme situations and for long periods of time for several days, running gives us many benefits, not only physical but also neurological. It makes us feel good about ourselves and even makes us happier.

Before the Marathon Race: Running Tips

While there are certain ways to preheat and condition ourselves before a race, we know that we all have different types of physical and mental preparation. Each one of us has to reach a minimum level of knowledge of our abilities so as not to fall in the attempt. The idea is that everything goes well, and we can enjoy running, right?

Most of the elite marathon runners have a strict training plan to face such a challenge. It is very important that we take some examples to adopt and adapt them, as long as we know by ourselves – because we have a certain experience – either by the advice of an athleteor a health professional, which is the most desirable. Let’s see some examples:

  • Food intake: In general, the most advisable is to make a balanced dietthat allows you to achieve the expected performance throughout the race. Nevertheless, one or half-hour before the run, we have to be great and not feel discomfort at all. Otherwise, we can feel pain in the belly, stitches at the height of the liver and most commonly pain in the spleen that can extend to the shoulder and sometimes to the chest.
  • Preheating: Lace your running shoes well. Perform this activity about 45 minutes before the run. Of course, it will depend on the level you have or be prepared to perform. This is very serious because not doing so can cause running injuries, fatigue before time, lack of oxygen, poor circulation of blood in the organism and weaker quickly. You should stretch your muscles in a moderate and conscious way. Here we also enter into another dilemma about how necessary it is to stretch before or after a competition. However, we will discuss this point at another time.

Running the first 10k

During the first kilometers of the race, we should feel comfortable, running at a continuous pace and not feel tired. Good and controlled breathing is very important to avoid agitation. In general, you can take an estimate of a breathing cycle (inhale-exhale) every three strides, maintaining a good posture of the spine. The movement of the arm should have a constant natural swing, without straining the shoulders or back. Hydration is also a must! Drink water. Do it once, then, and always avoid dehydration. You can also have with you some energy gels or sports drinks, which are great

The Rest of the Marathon Race

From here and on, if you could run, 15k, 25k, which is more than a half marathon, and then 35k, the rest is just determination. Although it begins to play the physical and psychological part, if we did not have greater inconvenience than the regular running a marathon, we only have the final focus.

Visualizing the goal in our minds causes us more adrenaline and the courage to give the best of us and even run faster. Running a 42k marathonis not for everyone, but if there are desire and codification to do it, we can certainly do it. Stay motivated mile to mile.

If you came to this point and crossed the finish line, the feeling is immeasurable. Nothing in the world can defeat us. The happiness we feel for having made such an effort will last for the rest of our lives. Take your medal and go to cool down. Good luck and a good race!

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