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5 Unusual Exercises to Spice Up Your Routine


Exercise is necessary for a healthy and happy life, but routines can get a little boring after some time. When you do the same things again and again, you can lose motivation at some point, which should be avoided. To put some spark back into your exercise regimen, you can try out some unusual physical activities on occasion. These will help keep things interesting while still allowing you to maintain your athleticism and good health.

It’s also worth pointing out that varying your exercise routines is advised for flexibility and versatility of movement. When you stick to only a few sets of activities, you can limit the muscles, joints, and ligaments that you train. By switching things up from time to time, you become more adaptable in different circumstances in daily life. Lifting, running, holding, gripping, and more will use different parts of the body, after all, and can cause differing strain.

Underwater Walking

There are a lot of physical activities that you could do with water that would let you exercise as needed. It provides a lot of resistance, can come with a considerable amount of pressure, and will also train your lungs. An excellent example of this is underwater walking, where you are literally trying to walk underwater, to start with. Once you get good enough, you could even start running for a more intense and challenging full-body workout.


The methods for doing this are simple enough, which involve holding something heavy and ideally a deep enough swimming pool. You could use a rock, some metal weights, or even a weighted jacket if you are fit enough for it. This will anchor you so that you don’t float away and you can gain enough traction as you walk underwater. You can decide how long the walk will be, how far you go, and when to switch to running.

Water Platform Crossing

When it comes to interesting physical activities that involve water, few can rival skipping over water by jumping over platforms. The concept involves floating surfaces that you can jump on, which would then test your balance and muscle control. This is an excellent way of training those smaller muscles that are not activated with typical workout routines. It’s also perfect for everyday movement since it makes you more graceful and stable instead of clumsy and uncoordinated.

Now, you could use plyboards for this kind of thing or driftwood, but those are hardly your best options. Instead, you might want to consider something like the hisea floating sea dock or other numerous versions of floating platforms. You can choose the size, shape, and number of floating platforms that you need based on where you’ll be exercising. You can use them for ponds, lakes, rivers, and beaches where you can build a network of floating footholds.

Wood Chopping

It might not be glamorous, but wood chopping is often considered one of the most effective upper-body exercises available. The main parts that are affected include the arms, shoulders, neck, quads, core, and both upper and lower backs. In fact, for those who want more defined back muscles, this is an excellent physical activity to get into. For those who live in winter areas, this is also a good way to have an alternate source of fuel.


An alternative to this would be to take a sledgehammer and slam it against a large tire over and over. It’s not as productive or as satisfying, though, and you would get bored faster compared to chopping wood. This has to do with the pile that you can build up if you do so, which can be gratifying. You can see what you have accomplished and keep track of your progress, as well as getting fuel for heating.


In the past, rollerblading was quite the popular activity that many kids and adults enjoyed, which was a good thing. You can train several parts of the body, as a result, and you can have a lot of fun too. It’s a great cardio activity that gets your blood pumping and your heart rate going up at a steady pace. The process also helps with your sense of balance, timing, and awareness, which is beneficial for all kinds of activities.

These days, fewer and fewer people are getting into this kind of hobby, to the detriment of their health. There is also the social aspect of rollerblading that a lot of folks tend to overlook. When you are doing it with others, it can help connect you with others, which is good for your mind. By combining both the mental and physical benefits, rollerblading is a unique activity that is worth investing time in.

Extreme Shopping

Last but not least is the one unusual exercise that might get the fairer sex a lot of reasons to be excited. Anyone who thinks that shopping can’t be physically demanding has never been on a shopping craze. It involves a lot of walking, browsing, tugging, and in some cases, running in order to beat crowds. 


Black Friday sales are a good example of this, but they are not the only ones. There are many similar occasions where crowds of shoppers would jostle each other for coveted items. Injuries and chaos can even ensue, which can result in a lot of physical movement. 


Working out in the gym can be fun, but doing more unusual physical activities can be even better. You get the benefit of moving around and training different parts of the body. At the same time, you can also get away from the monotony of doing the same exercises again and again. You can still get fit while having a blast, in the process.

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