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Can minimalist shoes protect against injury by increasing foot-muscle thickness? – Dr. Nicholas Campitelli and Dr. Scott Spencer.

The January 2018 edition of Lower Extremity Review featured an article published by myself and Dr. Scott Spencer – Associate professor in the Division of Surgery and Biomechanics, Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine.

The approach in our society to selecting running shoes has, typically, been to find a shoe that is supportive and has plenty of cushion. Running shoe manufacturers have reinforced this notion by developing features—such as increased cushioning, elevated heel, and various motion control and stability technologies—designed to protect the body from mechanical stresses caused by running. Despite these efforts, running injuries reportedly affect 19.4% to 79.3% of runners every year. In fact, some studies suggest that cushioning mechanisms used in running shoes can alter running biomechanics by modifying kinematics and muscle-activation properties. Click here to read the entire article on running shoes and injuries.

Source: Can minimalist shoes protect against injury by increasing foot-muscle thickness? | Lower Extremity Review Magazine

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