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New study looking at injury rates and minimalist shoes.

A new study was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine that compared injury rates among 99 runners over twelve weeks who were assigned to wear one of three shoes. The shoes were the Nike Pegasus 28, Nike Free 3.0 V2 or Vibram FiverFinger Bikila. 23 injuries were reported with 4 in the Pegasus, 12 in the Nike Free and 7 in the Bikila.



Shin and calf pain were amongst the most common injuries. Different the. What we heard last year when the reports were increased incidence of stress fractures. Although these were bogus studies as they looked at 1-3 runners who never transitioned and just switched shoes.

So what does all this mean? The same thing I’ve been discussing for the last three years. If you change your running form too abruptly, your body is at risk to develop an overuse injury. It’s recommended to follow the 10% adaptation rule. This study just confirms that you need to transition slowly or you may develop an overuse injury.

Remember, it’s all about the form and not the shoes. If you want to improve your running don’t focus on changing your shoes, make sure your form is proper and efficient. With that said, it is sometimes difficult to assume a more natural and efficient form if your in too rigid of a shoe that’s controlling motion.

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