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5 Essential Strength Exercises for Runners

Image Credit: Pixabay

Whether you are looking to avoid injuries, improve your strength or figure out a way to get even faster, you are going to want to take up certain exercises while you are training. A well-rounded training program is very important for a runner, especially if you are going long distance, but you also must look at the specific exercises that could help you the most. So when you’re done shopping for your favorite running gear, here is an overview of the top five essential strength exercises for runners.

  1. Planks

Even if you are taking classes for personal training in London in a bid to get stronger, there are some exercises you can do on your own to boost your running speed and endurance. For instance, the plank is a fantastic exercise that will work your core, lower back and shoulders. It requires no equipment beyond a yoga mat, which means you can even do it at home!

  1. Squats

It may seem like a simplistic exercise, but the squat is an essential part of any training program for a runner. If you are determined to get stronger and faster, you must get your legs in the right shape. And there are so many variations to the squats that you can add to make things more interesting, such as doing them with weights or turning them into jump squats.

  1. Lunges

The reason why lunges are so useful is because you are working out specific muscles in your legs that need more power and strength if you are to better your short or long-distance times. But while doing lunges, make sure you are not:

  • extending your knee past your toes
  • leaning forward
  • overextending and pulling a muscle
  1. Bridges

The bridge is an exercise that you will complete while lying down on a mat, with the idea of the exercise to lift your hips by pressing your feet onto the ground. When you are doing the bridge, make sure your core, glutes and hamstrings are contracting. Hold your position for a few seconds and then repeat the motion.

  1. Mountain Climbers

With the mountain climber exercise, you will start with your body in the push up position. The goal is to complete the exercise quickly, but with proper form. If you are not sure about how to perform the workout, start as slowly as you want and work your way up to a better speed. The biggest mistake you can make is to rush through the motions, as you may not be working the right muscle groups. In addition, rushing through an exercise could cause you to get injured, especially if you do the exercise incorrectly.

With the mountain climber, you start in the pushup position, bring your knee inside and then extend it backwards. Then bring your other knee in and extend it back. The idea is to alternate legs and do this as fast as you can for 10 reps. Make sure your lower back is staying in the same spot as you lift your knee!

Each of these exercises can be performed at home, which is part of their charm. You do not need any crazy equipment to become a stronger and faster runner!

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