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Foods You Need to Eat To Get Killer Abs

People want to get abs for different reasons. Some work in the fashion and fitness industry making it mandatory to have a chiseled body, and some workout just to look good.

There was a time when one thought that only professional athletes could get abs, but the scenario has changed now. Abs may be difficult to get, but it’s quite possible to achieve a perfect six pack even when you do not compete professionally.

You just need to know the right way to build abs and you will see results within a few months. This is the most important thing to remember here – a few months.

Abs take time to develop. Science says that we all have abs, but they are hidden behind layers of fat that we need to get rid of in order to make our abs visible.

This may sound like an easy task, but this layer can take weeks to disappear and this time can be quite taxing. The key lies in not giving up and continuing to work hard so that you can achieve your goal.

So how does one get abs? Working out is important, but abs are basically made in the kitchen.

Making abs is a process that requires you to feed your body with the right foods that contain the right nutrients. The most important thing to have killer abs is to build lean muscles and burn fat in the belly region.

A lot of people turn to gyms and think that doing crunches for hours is the way to get flash cool abs. That’s not entirely true because the diet you eat also plays an important role.

Here are the foods you need to eat to get killer abs:

Protein Rich Foods

Protein intake should be your first priority because it helps build lean muscles and burn fat. Foods like fish and meat are loaded with proteins and help a great deal in building muscles. The more muscles you have, the better abs you can make.

Apart from building muscles, they also help in burning fats at a much faster rate because they enhance metabolism. When you have a good rate of metabolism, your body can burn fats faster.

While you should try to get your protein from natural sources, that may not always be possible. In such a situation you can turn to protein bars. These bars are designed to provide your body with protein without any side effects. Read more on how protein bars can help.

More Fat And Less Carbs

It may come as a surprise but food that’s fat-rich isn’t the prime culprit in giving you fat belly, it’s the carbs.

Carbs that are processed and refined are unhealthy, hence they need to be restricted from the diet. This is because they destabilize the insulin levels and produce belly fat.

On the other hand, healthy fats can do wonders when you want to make flat abs. Some good options include raw nuts, fish oil, and butter etc.

Plenty Of Water

Drinking 16 ounces of water per day can help burn more fat and at a faster rate. Also, it improves metabolism and aids in digestion.

Sodium is a major reason to have belly fat. Salt results in belly bloating and a good way to counter it is to drink a lot of water. A well hydrated body flushes out excess amount of sodium from the body, keeping levels in check.


Supplements can help you come closer to your fitness goal quickly. They contain many healthy nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, minerals, proteins etc., that can bring healthy changes in the body, build lean mass, enhance metabolism, and give energy.

However, make sure to consult your fitness trainer or a nutritionist before you start on a dosage because different bodies have different needs.

The Verdict

The formula to get killer abs lies in exercising and eating the right foods so make sure you stick to this plan.

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