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How many injections can you get for plantar fasciitis?

Many patients do not understand the benefits of cortisone injections for plantar fasciitis. Planter fasciitis is an overuse condition where the muscles and fascia of the arch become overused and inflamed. The purpose of the injection is to reduce inflammation thus reducing the pain. It is not a temporary fix and actually has a physiologic mechanism to resolve the condition. The standard of care is to perform one injection and follow up with a possible second one in 2 to 3 weeks if the symptoms are still present. In my practice I will perform up to three injections in a six week period.  I explain to my patients if the pain is still present after three injections,  we are either missing something from a diagnostic standpoint, or the patient is doing something that continues to create inflammation in the soft tissues. I have had tremendous success with injections when they are used properly. Despite receiving an injection for plantar fasciitis, the patient will still have to perform stretching exercises and curtail activities until symptoms have resolved. I am however aggressive with runners and do allow them to still run provided they have no symptoms while running.

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