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Luna Sandals. The best casual, running, and everything sandal.


Since transitioning to minimalist shoes for running, I have attempted to replace my dress shoes and casual shoes with those that are in essence minimalist shoes. My longing to find a sandal that can be worn casually as well as to run in have finally come to an end. I have discovered the Luna Sandal. My colleagues that I lecture with on running as well as those that own running shoe stores have been running in and selling Luna sandals, I just never gave them a try. Mark Cuccuzzella, MD (physician, elite runner for Newton Running, creator of the Natural Running Center, and owner of Two Rivers Treads running shoe store) wears and runs in Luna Sandals.

Luna’s are a huarache type sandal which incorporates foot straps that wrap the rearfoot and uses a strap between the great toe and 2nd toe in the forefoot. They are similar to the XeroShoes, that are huaraches, but are much better quality and construction. I’m not discrediting the XeroShoes, as they are a good option for the price, but the more expensive Luna’s are better constructed and offer a much simpler and comfortable strap that requires very little adjusting.

They offer several styles but my choice was the popular Venado with the Pittards High Performance Leather footbed. This leather foot bed is comfortable and soft against the skin and conforms over time. The sole is a 6mm Vibram rubber sole that offers mild cushioning yet still allowing you to feel the ground. My favorite part of these sandals by far is the strapping system.
20130601-095416.jpg It’s a high quality nylon that has several unique characteristics. The area between the toes is tubular for comfort.
The straps are flattened on the bottom of the sole where they exit so they are not felt by your foot. Rubber texture is incorporated into the strap so there is no slipping between the grooves in the sole yet still allowing for adjusting when before placing on your foot. The rearfoot strap has elastic qualities allowing mild give while putting on the sandal.

I have been wearing them casually and love them. Took them out for a 6 mile test run and they were perfect!! No slippage and no irritation between toes or any other areas.

This is the most ideal sandal that is universal for every activity!!

You can purchase them here a www.lunasandals.com.






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