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Shoe Review: Skechers GOrun 2


Shoe Name: Skechers GOrun 2

Model: GOrun 2

Weight: 6.6 oz.

Price: $80.00

Drop: 4mm

Website: http://skechersperformance.com/running/all#/53555-gorun2

Forefoot: Very wide forefoot that is just like the GObionic. Plenty of room for toes to move and function as they were designed. Upper is soft and lightweight and doesn’t irritate toes. Feels like a bit more cushion under toes then the GObionic but still remains flexible allowing full bending ability of metatarsophalangeal joints (toe joints).

Cushion: Definitely more cushion then the GObionic and more then I am used to. That being said, I did enjoy it on the 18 mile run I tested them on. The 4mm heel drop is something I haven been used to for several years, but am now choosing to use for long runs (greater then 10-12 miles). The cushion seems well placed and doesn’t encourage a heel strike as Skechers has engineered the shoe to midfoot strike. Basically the construct of the sole allows the shoe to balance on the midfoot. While this doesn’t force you to midfoot strike, it’s carefully placed cushion makes it feel more normal landing on it.

Flexibility: The flexibility has been salvaged despite the increase in cushion. It passes my roll up test. Still able to twist in the frontal plane as well. The foot can still move. Isn’t that wonderful?!!

Overall: I took this shoe out of the box and went 18 miles on it. It felt awesome. I don’t use a cushioned for 80 percent of my runs, but on long runs it helps. This shoe in my opinion is a perfect training shoe for long runs. Remember, for those who follow my philosophy on shoes, training shoes should not provide stability but can provide cushion. These shoes are typically used for longer runs (greater then 10-12 miles). Training shoes can also be a great option for those used to a stability shoe and want to begin transitioning to a minimalist shoe. The GOrun 2 can be a great transiting tool – more so then the GObionic which is a true minimalist shoe.

Once again I find it amazing that Skechers has hit a home run with a running shoe. For the last 20 or so years the shoe manufactures have focused on making shoes hard with “stability” yet promising shock absorbing cushion that barely could be noticed. Finally Skechers has delivered a shoe with cushion yet freedom to allow the foot to move and feel ground. As a purest who believes in barefoot running, I can accept cushion on longer runs as long as you can still feel the ground. This is an important concept known as proprioception – your ability to feel the ground and react to the changes in surfaces your foot encounters through precise muscular control. This shoe provides cushion yet enables proprioception.

Notice how the weight of the shoe rests on the mid foot.





They even come with a 2nd pair of yellow laces!! This doesn’t help you go faster but it is cool!!
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