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Sprint Triathlete Competitor Leads with Minimalist Shoes: More Anecdotal Evidence

Lee Trains in the Bikila FiveFingers and races in the NB Minimus Trail shoes.

As more runners are hearing about minimalist shoes, they are finding that they were actually running incorrectly in their traditional running shoes. Here is yet another example of how someone figured out on their own that the “shoes” weren’t helping his running. In fact, they were actually hindering it.

Lee’s Story
I started running weekly about 5 years ago in Asics Gel Kayano’s. For 2 years, I couldn’t run more than 2 miles without having to ice down my knees & ankles after every run. My Iliotibial band was also giving me pain on the outside of both knees & hips. I visited Second Sole and they recommended that I switch to the Mizuno Wave Riders. These shoes helped at first, allowing me to run a little further, and while they slightly reduced my knee & ankle pain, by the end of the summer, the same intense pains were back. Then, 2 years ago in combination with my diet, I switched to the New Balance Trail Minimus shoes, which completely eliminated all knee, ankle and IT band pains. I am now able to run further, faster and pain free! For the last several months, I’ve been running primarily in the FiveFingers (Bikilas)—still use the NB Minimus for my triathlon races.

Not only has Lee resolved his pain, he stay’s ahead of the other runners. In this most recent sprint triathlon Lee finished second to the winner who qualified for the Ironman World ChampionshipSaturday, October 13, 2012 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Lee is leading at this point of the race (Bib 202)

Click to read local news article http://m.indeonline.com/indepen/db_98381/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=LJXUzoMK

Obviously there is more to it then the “shoe”, but it is more anecdotal evidence that the shoe doesn’t make as much of a difference as we all once thought it did.

Lee’s Race Results:
4-Mile Run: 5:54, 5:58, 6:14, 6:24
3-Mile Kayak: N/A
1.5 Mile Run: 6:48, 3:22 (1/2)
12-Mile Bike: Approx. 38 minutes
Overall Time: 2:00:16.34

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