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Ten Keys To Staying Out of The Doctor’s Office: Take Control of Your Running Health






The majority of runners who come to see me think that their shoe gear or foot itself is a reason for their injury or pain.  Greater than 90 percent of the runners I treat have an injury because of overuse injuries as a result of training pattern errors.  More than likely it’s not a “flat foot” that’s causing your injuries.  In fact, it’s a rarity for me to introduce any orthotic devices to a runner to help them.  We focus on training patterns, form, and hear rate.


Each year, studies report that somewhere between one-fifth and one-half of runners get injured. The figure is hard to pin down because sports medicine researchers aren’t in agreement about what exactly qualifies as an injury. Is it something bad enough to make you see a doctor? Or any niggle that causes you to complain?

Source: Take Control of Your Running Health

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