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Treating a Neuroma with The Hoka One One Running Shoe

The Hoka One One is an over-sized maximally cushioned running shoe which has basically created a new category of running shoes since being introduced in 2011. I reviewed the Stinson Tarmac earlier this year and for me its not a shoe I can run in, but it’s not a bad recovery shoe. Even better is the idea of using it as a tool for injuries. I’ve dubbed it a “Cam-Walker Shoe”. For those who don’t know what a Cam Walker is, it’s the Velcro walking boot that functions as a removable cast. They’re typically used to immobilize the foot or ankle after an injury or following surgery. It has a rocker sole which helps roll your foot to avoid bending or moving any joints. One issue with a cam Walker is that it is significantly higher than an average shoe so people sometimes complain of hip or back pain because it does create a leg length discrepancy if you aren’t wearing a higher shoe on the contralateral side.

The Hoka One One can function as a scaled down Cam Walker which you can wear while recovering from an injury and is more practical in every situations such as work.

I have been advising it more and more for patients who can’t wear a Cam Walker to work or don’t just need the full immobilization. It’s a rather expensive treatment option at a retail price of $160.00 but in the whole scheme of things it’s cheaper than a Cam Walker when prescribed in the office and you can wear it all the time, even when healed.

I recently had a patient who was suffering from severe forefoot pain in the region of her second toe joint which we eventually diagnosed as an interdigital neuroma to the second interspace after obtaining an MRI. She was not ready for surgery as she had several trips planned and events where she needed to walk. A Cam Walker did resolve her pain but a few days after she would stop wearing it, the her symptoms completely returned. I advised her to go and buy a pair of Hoka One One’s. She did and it was a success! She was able to get through her events and activities without pain and found it much easier to walk in than the Cam Walker. “This shoe saved my vacation!”, she expressed to me.


She was wearing the Hoka One One Conquest.
All Hokas have a wide toe box which in this particular situation helped with her neuroma. They are also great for those suffering from a painful bunion and even the dreaded plantar fasciitis.



Zappo’s has the Hoka One One for $150.00

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