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Topo Athletic MT Trail Shoe Review

Here is a much overdo review of the Topo Athletic MT trail shoe. It’s been a busy summer for me (watch my APMA lecture if you’re bored!!) and I don’t like doing these reviews if I haven’t actually worn the shoe. I’m not one who just slips it on and says it great…blah, blah blah. In fact, I receive many shoes which I don’t feel comfortable writing about. So, I’ve finally had a chance to keep this one on my feet for several weeks now and here’s my thoughts!

Shoe Name: Topo Athletic MT

Model: MT – Mountain Trainer (Trail Shoe)

Weight: 8.2 OZ

Price: $100.00

Drop: 2 mm (19 mm X 17 total stack height)

Website: http://shop.topoathletic.com/mens/Outdoor.html?colorid=859&model=MT

Forefoot: Wide forefoot which is built into the Topo Athletic DNA so this is expected. Definitely enough room for your toes to move freely.

Cushion: I would describe it as a rigid cushion. Not soft or squishy which is good for a trail shoe as you do not want too soft of a mid sole. The 19×17 mm stack height gives enough protection from rocks and stones on rough terrain yet still provides some protective feedback.

Flexibility: It’s flexible. Passes my roll up test. A little more rigid than the ST Road shoe (see full review here) which is expected for a trail shoe.

Overall: I like the shoe. I’m not much of a trail runner but this has been a fun shoe for me to wear. As I said this review is much overdo but I haven’t been on the trails this summer and it’s been too warm and “black” to wear. The past month I’ve spent a lot of time in it and really like it. I was able to test it on some trails and it worked for me. I think a lot of people have the misconception that you need a thick maximalist shoe such as the Hoka for trails and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Some cushion helps to protect your foot from the larger stones you may encounter but you still need to be able to feel the ground to have adequate proprioception which will improve your stability and prevent sprains.

It’s a cool looking shoe much like the rest of the Topo Athletic line. Even though it’s a trail shoe by definition I have been wearing it to work, the soccer games with my kids, and playing in the back yard. I really have no complaints about it. I don’t think I could run on the road with it; at least consistently that is, but its a trail shoe so that’s expected. My neighbors really liked the looks of this one as well!

It was also featured in Runner’s World Trail review several weeks ago which is worth mentioning.





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