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Benefits of MCT and Choosing Between Oil or Powder Supplements

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, which is a fatty acid that acts as saturated fat. Unlike saturated fat from fried foods or baked products, MCT is a healthier option that’s easily digestible. Long-chain triglycerides are harder to digest, but consuming MCT is a healthy fat that the body can use inside cells in place of sugar.

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Why Focus on MCT

Coconut oil has health benefits because over 60 percent of its composition is fatty acids that match the MCT profile. Rather than taking in too many carbohydrates for fuel, which is difficult to burn off, MCT in any form provides a close to an immediate energy source to power the body.

Taking in more medium-chain triglycerides is difficult when on a typical Western Diet. Therefore, MCT supplements have been created to provide a direct way to increase your intake. While consuming coconut oil does deliver MCT at a reasonable load, a supplement is close to 100 percent pure delivery. It’s also more convenient and can be consumed in different forms regardless of whether you’re dining out at a restaurant this evening or at a friend’s party.

Health Benefits of MCT

The fatty acids present in MCT are good for parts of the brain and boost cognitive abilities. Using some fatty acids instead of carbohydrates for energy reduces the reliance on a high carb diet to keep moving forward. No more needing empty carbs to keep going. Medium-chain fatty acids deliver a thermogenic effect that hits your metabolism through the liver, which is where some of the weight loss benefits are to be found. Unlike long-chain triglycerides like the omega 3’s from fish oil, MCT gets inside the membranes of each cell faster because the carbon components are fewer and break down quicker. Better absorption means no retention of the energy source either, so putting on weight is less likely too.

MCT Powder

MCT powder is created by using a carrier, which may be starchy or a form of protein, and then spraying the oil onto it. The result is a powder that can have 50% to 75% MCT and 25%-50% powder form. For buyers, it’s very important to find a quality MCT powder source. What is in the carrier powder and the potency of MCT within the powder makes all the difference from one MCT powder product to another. You should see this article to learn more about the different products in the market and which are the better ones to select.


MCT oil is the purest form of medium-chain triglycerides supplement. It has excellent antioxidant properties and provides protection from parasites, viruses, bad bacteria and fungi present in the gut area. It can be used in the preparation of food as it is tasteless and easily digestible. Cooking partly with MCT oil in the same way that coconut oil is used is fine. Do pay attention to how the oil is prepared because some less legitimate manufacturers will use solvents to create the oil, so the brand and product source matters.

MCT oil is useful, but when you tend to eat on the move, the powder is the next best thing. Paying a little more for a quality product is well worth it with all types of supplements – and this is certainly the case here too.

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