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Comparing different fitness trackers and talking about what other gadgets are suitable for running.

It is surprising how the word ‘fitness’ usually brings pictures of treadmills, the local gym, weights and gym machines to our minds. Gone are the times when we relied on gyms and personal instructors to help us stay motivated on our paths towards fitness. Gone are the times when we cycled but there was no way to know whether we did better or worse from the last time. The current age of technology has become so advanced that fitness these days is more related to fitness gadgets, trackers,pedometers and other wearables. Wearable technology has a host of uses and benefits and some of them include tracking the calories we are eating, calories we burn, distance we jog/run/walk and the amount we need to work out to reach a certain weight figure. But there is a massive choice when it comes to fitness devices and wearable gadgets. From well-known technology companies to relatively new players, the market of these products is huge and so is the number of options. So to make things easier for you, we are comparing different fitness trackers:

Fitbit Charge

Fitbit ChargeUnknown is one of the most popular and widely bought fitness trackers in the market at present. This is a splash proof device which has a great battery life of upto 7 days. It is compatible with a host of platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and Bluetooth and delivers well. At 99.95 pounds, this fitness tracker is a good choice is you are wondering which one to pick from the crowd. Fitbit Charge is a decent device which does track distance, speed, time and sleep but does not let you control music.

Garmin Vivo smart with Heart rate monitor

Garmin-Vivofit-HRM-Bundle-Pedometers-Black-010-01225-30-1Compatible with Android with Bluetooth, and iOS, this fitness tracker from Garmin is another one which totally lives upto the expectations of all. It may be priced at a slightly higher 150 pounds but totally justifies its price due to its strong inbuilt features and capability. This fitness tracker is a swim proof device with a battery life of 7 days and supports many features like controlling music, smart notifications and exercise training.

Jawbone UP 24

Priced at 100 pounds, this fitness tracker from Jawbone is another option that you have as far as wearab612Aagkz+BL._SL1500_le tech is concerned. It supports Android with Bluetooth and iOS platforms and is a splash proof device which has a battery life of 7 days and of 14 days with free firmware update. It supports all regular features but does not let you control music or get smart notifications.


Besides these products, there are many other gadgets or fitness trackers which are ideal for running, jogging, swimming and other forms of fitness activities. Garmin comes with a host of other trackers as well and some of the other recommended ones include Garmin Vivofit, Garmin Vivofit2. On the other hand, even Fitbit is a popular fitness tracker device manufacturer which has introduced many such gadgets in the market in the last few years. Some of its other trackers which are ideal for running are Fitbit Flex and Fitbit Charge HR. You can also consider buying some other lesser known brands such as Misfit Shine Activity monitor and Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor.

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