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Biofreeze. The topical analgesic with physiological benefits.


What is Biofreeze? Biofreeze is a topically applied analgesic that works by using menthol to provide relief through cooling tissue. It works by inhibiting pain through very similar mechanisms to that of ice. There is cooling of the superficial tissues as well as gaiting the nerve pathways responsible for the sensation of pain.  It has been studied in comparison to ice producing greater effects at reducing pain and tissue cooling at periods of 9 minutes following application without creating the burning and painful sensations that are associated with ice.

Besides being every runners favorite “go to” medicine for ache’s and pain, there are actually some physiological benefits to this soothing gel.  Specifically the two studies referenced below show how the topical menthol in Biofreez had cooling effects with a decrease in artery diameter within 5 minutes of application.  This is actually faster then ice which takes approximately 20 minutes to have the same physiologic effects.  Consider that ice is sometimes only applied by patients for 20 minutes, it is possible to obtain a very similar cooling effect through the use of Biofreeze.

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Biofreezehas been used for over 20 years through health care practitioners and can only be obtained through qualified practitioners such as physicians, chiropractors, and massage therapists. For those who have been to my office you already know that we are more of a traditional medical office and do not “sell” products. While many of my patients have asked for Biofreeze, we have been unable to incorporate it due to our practice structure. Finally, through the help of Hygenic and Biofreeze, we can now make it available through my blog site. You can now purchase directly from Hygenic by as a result of being referred by Dr. Campitelli.

For more information, or to purchase Biofreeze click here.

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