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Vibram FiveFingers Minimalist Golf Shoes

Last weekend was my wife’s family reunion and we had scheduled a golf outing Saturday morning. Of course I had make sure I was wearing something that was attention grabbing. The first thing that most of my friends and family do when they see me is look at my feet to see what I’m wearing. Not to mention, there is no way I was going to wear a pair of stiff soled, narrow toe box, and heavy golf shoes. So I decided to play with a pair of these….. And I loved them!!

Shoe Name: Vibram FiveFingers V-Classic LR

Model: V-Classic LR

Weight: just under 8 oz.

Price: $190.00

Drop: zero (0 mm)

Website: http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/products/Five-Fingers-V-Classic-LR-Mens.htm?activity=golf

Forefoot: wide toe pockets

Cushion: There is some cushion to these shoes. The rubber sole is thick and the knobs give it’s some added thickness. There’s a maximal thickness of 6 mm in the sole with a 2mm insole.




Flexibility: As with all FiveFingers they are 100% flexible and can be rolled up.

Overall: They were perfect for me on the golf course and I actually think I could wear them casually. The kangaroo leather is soft but yet holds its form and has a really comfortable feel. The only issue in wearing them off the course is the rubber knobs. They can make the sole a bit wobbly as they’re positioned in a manner that mimics foot contact points and combined with the countered sole kind if creates an off balanced feeling-only on hard surfaces though. It’s not noticed on the grass. I’ll wear them out a but more and follow up to complete the post!!




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