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Nike Elite Socks. Are they really “elite”?

What’s all the craze about with the Nike Elite socks? The kids in my neighborhood are running around in these trendy looking socks that are two colors with a distinct stripe along the back portion extending up the leg. When I questioned one of them, their response was, “you don’t know what Elite socks are??!!”. So I had to find out for myself what all the excitement around these socks are.

They’re basketball socks that have become extremely popular and trendy. Made with a right and left fit and marketed with a cushioned foot area they are nothing more then a cool looking sock! Most of the reviews out there say they keep the moisture down, they’re as durable as steel without fading or wearing out quickly.

Parents are discussing buying 12-15 pairs for their kids! At $14.99 a pair, your probably better off doing laundry more often!!

After wearing them for a day at the office, I will say they are rather nice. The fit is snug and there is compression which helps to minimize swelling if you stand in one position a lot. They are a bit snug in size so if you wear an eight, you may consider jumping up in size to the 9-12 size.

As for running in them? I’ll stick to using them to fit in with the neighborhood kids and acting “cool”. On a more serious note, they are a nice casual sock that offers compression.





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