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Peyton Manning has partial tear of plantar fascia. What does this mean?

I’ve been asked by many friends and patients, “How long will Manning be out with plantar fasciitis?”. According to this report, he actually has a torn plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue that originates on the heel bone and fans out across the arch and supplies extensions to each of the toes. Many people suffer from heel pain which has over the years been termed heel spurs or plantar fasciitis. We now know that this is an inflammatory and overuse condition which effects not only the plantar fascia, but also several muscles that originate on the heel bone. In fact, newer literature supports the idea that the pain is due to muscle inflammation from overuse much like a tendinitis.

A torn plantar fascia is simply a small or moderate tear in the plantar fascia itself which causes pain and inflammation as a result of the trauma to the fascia and surrounding tissues. It is treated by resting the foot and allowing the tissues to repair themselves which can take 3-6 weeks.  There is no indication for repairing the torn tissue as it is a really tight and fibrous structure which is physically impossible to reapproximate once torn.  You would create more damage by trying to repair as the fascia would become extremely shortened and “bunched up”.  

I typically treat in a walking boot with crutches until pain allows for weight bearing. Once the pain has calmed, I allow the patient to begin walking. Usually at three weeks I will progress to a walking shoe and work towards running as symptoms allow. 

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has a torn plantar fascia in his left foot, league sources told ESPN.

Source: Sources: Peyton has partial tear of plantar fascia

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