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Reebok CrossFit Nanossage: A shoe with a built in foam roller.

Shoe Name: Reebok CrossFit Nanossage

Model: Color: Black/Blue/Flat Grey (V59864)



Price: $64.98

Drop: 4 mm. My first thought was this should really be a zero drop shoe, then I realized it is a recovery footwear option. Thus, a bit of heel height is ok as you’ll be thankful for that slight angle if your Achilles is tired after a long run or hard workout.


Forefoot: Definitely a nice wide forefoot with plenty of wiggle room for the toes. If your foot is swollen after being on them all day or after a long endurance event, they’ll fit nicely into this shoe.

Cushion: It’s a built in foam roller foot bed. Pretty cool! When I first tried it on I was a bit confused as to the purpose of the bumps in the footbed, then as I read more about the shoe, it’s designed to be a recovery device to give the feet a break. The perfect shoe for after a run in my opinion. I’ve been wearing them non-stop around the house since I tried them on. Excellent house shoe or slipper especially after coming back from a long weekend run. The bumps do kind of massage the arch and heel. They’re subtle in regards to feeling them. I do think if they were a bit firmer across the arch it may provide more of a true “foam roller effect”. The challenge would be to make this footbed with varied degrees of densities of the bumps in different portions of the footbed.

Flexibility: Passes my roll up test. Even though is a recovery shoe, I still value its ability to flex and allow natural motion. If a shoe becomes too stiff it will alter function and one’s gait which could lead to issues of abnormal stress and overuse.

This is actually a cool tool for the toolbox of any runner, endurance athlete, or someone recovering from an extra hardworking out. It bears the name “CrossFit” on it, but I’m not sure you would want to perform any activities like that in it. It has a nice platform for it, but not snug enough to get active in. I could not run in this shoe – although I don’t really think it was designed for that anyway. I think this shoe will get a lot of use from me around the house after my runs and to just relax in. Although it can be used as a casual shoe, I’ll save mine for indoors only. As a physician thus could also be a great shoe to wear all day with scrubs or even to operate in. Definitely recommend trying it out!



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