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Ryan Hall’s thoughts on stretching.


Stretching has long been a hot topic among distance runners. I don’t do any static stretching. I have found that the best way for me to stay relatively loose and injury free is to incorporate dynamic and active stretching into my daily routine. Every morning before I run, I do a dynamic flexibility routine that includes leg swings, hurdle exchanges, and other similar exercises to get my legs loosened up after a night’s sleep. After the run, I spend 30 to 45 minutes doing self-massage with a roller and softball and then do more active stretching.

Active stretching activates the muscle opposite the one you are trying to stretch. For example, lie on your back while holding a rope that is looped around your right foot. Use your right quad to bring your right leg straight up with the knee strong but not quite locked. When you get as far as your leg will naturally go in the air, use the rope to pull your leg a few inches farther. You should feel a deep but not trembling stretch in your right hamstring. Try to keep the rest of your body lying flat on the ground.”

Excerpt From: Hall, Ryan. “Running with Joy.” Harvest House Publishers. iBooks.
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