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Chris McDougall explains the “100 Ups” running drill. Perfect exercise to help master form.

The lost secret of running. NY Times November 2011


This New York Times video, The Lost Secret of Running, narrated by Christopher McDougall, author of the popular book Born to Run, demonstrates a cool drill designed to improve your running technique. According to McDougall, The 100 Ups drill dates back to 1874 and teaches runners to be lighter on their feet.

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“It’s fool proof, it’s easy and if you learn it you’ll never run wrong again,” says McDougall.

McDougall, a proponent of barefoot (or almost barefoot) running, advocates doing the drill without shoes. Performed as per the video, the drill forces runners to land more midfoot versus heel first, which is the latest trend in running circles. It also narrows your stride, another fix running coaches are pitching to runners of all ages and abilities.

I’m trying to incorporate both techniques and have made considerable strides (pun intended) in the last few months, but there’s still room for improvement. So I’m going to give it a try. Why don’t you do the same and let me know what you think.

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