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Snow Running: Best Minimalist Shoes for the Snow and Cold Weather. The Vibram Lontra.


I have blogged about these shoes before but I couldn’t help sharing my thoughts again. The Vibram Lontra has changed winter running for me. OUTSTANDING!! I just completed a two hour and forty-six minute run in snowy weather (3-6 inches non stop snowing) and my feet are warm, dry and happy!! The heavy duty tread kept my traction going up and down hills and still provided cushion. I typically will not run more then 2 hours in FiveFingers but the added cushion helped. My light weight Injinji toe socks were thin enough to not create too tight of a fit and they were completely dry upon completing my run. In fact, when comparing my feet to my wife’s feet (who was sporting a pair of New Balance Minimus Trail shoes)- her’s were red and numb while my were healthy and normal color!!

It’s great knowing I can still head out in extreme conditions and still keep my feet warm, dry, and remain free and mobile!!


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