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How Often Should I Run? 

Unsure on mileage? There are several schools of thought that exist on how often one can run or should run. There are many variable that come into play when answering this question. I’m a believer of daily runs if you’re not injured and you are varying your pace. If you’re recovering, then cross training with a bike may not be a bad idea. Olympic Marathoner Ryan Hall has made the comment that for him cross training is more running! He’s had a few years of injuries so maybe his advice shouldn’t be etched in stone!!

About three months ago, I started running again. Is it good to run every day or should I run three times a week? – Vicki Vicki, congratulations on starting running again! Generally speaking, I am a fan of running every other day, especially when beginning a running program. Doing too much too soon is a common mistake.

Source: How Often Should I Run? | Runner’s World

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