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How to Lose Weight on a Budget

Losing weight can be an expensive business. When you add the cost of gym membership, exercise equipment, and healthy eating, it’s easy to see why so many people give up on their weight-loss goals. But don’t be defeated! There are several ways you can shed those extra pounds on a budget.

Make time for cooking

Ready meals and convenience foods might be labelled ‘healthy’, but they are often laden with fat and sugar. All too often, people complain that eating healthily is expensive, but it can be far cheaper than relying on microwave meals, if you take the time to plan in advance.

Spend an hour or so planning your meals for the following week, factoring in cooking time. Cook in batches, and freeze what you aren’t going to use immediately. Cooking fresh food such as casseroles and stews in bulk can drastically cut the cost of cooking from scratch.

Be creative with your exercise

You don’t need to bankrupt yourself by signing up to an expensive gym in order to get fit. There are many ways that you can get the exercise you need without spending a small fortune. Try exercising with a workout video, using your house stairs for climbing and just getting out and about in the fresh air. The Kiqplan weight loss app can be bought for less than £20, and it will give you workout videos you can complete in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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Weigh your food

According to the Love Food Hate Waste website, seven million tonnes of food is wasted in homes in Britain every year. The average home with children throws away food up to the value of £700 each year. However, by taking the time to weigh your ingredients and use only what you need, you can save money and lose weight at the same time.

Prepare your snack packs in advance

Instead of forking out for expensive health snacks, why not make your own? Popcorn is fat-free, and it can be made in your microwave. A cup of popcorn contains a gram of fibre, and around 100 calories. Whether you prefer fruit, cereals or vegetables as your preferred snack, preparing them in advance will save you money and calories. To keep snacks fresh, store them in the fridge inside sealable plastic containers.

Load up on veggies

Protein is great for keeping you full and satisfied – but it is expensive. Instead of filling your plate with steak or chicken, load up on carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, green beans and spinach. If you can find a local farm store, buying these veggies there could prove a lot less expensive. And because farm shops sell locally grown produce, you can rely on the vegetables you buy to last longer than store bought veggies.

Write shopping lists – and stick to them!

The worst thing you can do when trying to save money is to shop without a clear idea of what you need. And worse still is shopping for food whilst you’re hungry. Plan each meal for the week ahead, making an itemised list of the food you will need – and nothing more. But before you set off for the supermarket or local farm store, make sure you have eaten a hearty meal!

Permanent weight loss doesn’t have to break the bank. Be thrifty with your approach to health, diet and fitness, and you will save yourself a small fortune.

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