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The New Chuck Taylors. Better or Worse?

For years I have commented on the popularity of the Converse Chuck Taylor basketball shoes. While many of my colleagues said they were bad for your feet, my feelings were the opposite. As you know, the literature is mixed in terms of what we should be wearing on our feet for running. Newer studies are supporting the use of less cushion and stability allowing the foot to work the way it was intended. I have always believed the original Chuck Taylors were popular because they lacked support and cushion and were built on a simple flat sole with no heel height. They remained this way for YEARS! Until now. Converse has updated the Chuck Taylor to include a Nike Lunarlon orthotic insole (incase you didn’t know, Nike owns Converse).

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 10.35.42 PM


Is this an improvement??!!  The launch appears to have been very popular and have sold out quickly. The majority of adult popular sizes are sold out online with no date on when more shipments will arrive.Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 10.35.56 PM

I would love to hear everyone’s opinion! Especially if you have worn the new ones yet!


The classic All Star has been a boon to Nike, which bought Converse in 2003. But as the shoe gets an update, the company is being cautious not to damage its appeal.

Source: Converse Treads Carefully in Updating Well-Worn Chuck Taylor Brand – The New York Times

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